Bickford Anesthesia Equipment

The Vapomatic™ Anesthetic Vaporizer & Bickford Anesthesia Machines are designed, built, serviced and backed by A.M. Bickford.

Designed with decades of experience in not only the veterinary anesthesia field, but also the human anesthesia field as well.

Bickford anesthesia equipment is handcrafted and assembled in the USA using the highest quality of materials and standards

Need Supplies.


A.M. Bickford carries the anesthesia supplies you need for a successful surgery. Our breathing bags, breathing circuits, animal masksnon rebreathing systems, F/AIR canister and many other products are in stock readily available.

Equipment Service

A.M. Bickford's anesthesia equipment is built to last. However, over time occasional maintenance is required due to normal wear and routine, continuous usage.  We provide a full line of equipment maintenance services and the peace of mind the manufacturer is servicing your equipment.

Vapomatic Vaporizer Calibration     SuperSorber Absorber Service

Built by BICKFORD.

Serviced by BICKFORD.

Backed by BICKFORD.

Bickford Veterinary Anesthesia Equipment