Quality and Commitment

The FI-8000P Riken Gas Indicator combines the best of the 40-year relationship between Riken Keiki Co. and A.M. Bickford, Inc. Highlighting the Riken Keiki Company’s dedication to producing high quality products and A.M. Bickford, Inc.’s commitment to providing the best customer service experience





Riken Gas Indicator

Confidence & Peace of Mind

The FI-8000P Riken Gas Indicator is a portable, light weight solution for the measurement of anesthetic gas concentration. Designed to test four types of anesthetic agents, continuously monitor the results and provide a direct digital readout with no conversion factors.

Riken Calibration Service

A.M. Bickford, Inc. provides accurate & dependable calibration services for all models of Riken Gas Indicators.

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Riken Gas Indicator

FI-8000P Riken Anesthetic Analyzer

Easy to use • Accurate • Durable • Portable

Riken Gas Indicator FI-8000P