Simply known as the “RIKEN,” Riken Gas Indicators have been the trusted tool of choice for clinical engineers.

Manufactured by the Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technology, the product line helps to insure safety by preventing industrial disasters.

The Riken Keiki Co. Ltd. success has been achieved by investing in research and development, extensive product line, developing high-quality products and providing our customers with a network of support all around the world.


The NEW FI-8000P Gas Indicator is a small, light weight and mobile solution to quickly and accurately measure anesthetic gas concentration.

Equipped with a continuous sample pump, the FI-8000P can test four anesthetic gas agents Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Desflurane & Halothane using two carrier gases 02 and AIR.

The large back-light LCD display provides a direct digital readout.   The FI-8000P continues the RIKEN tradition of durable, simple to use and high quality gas testing equipment.

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FI-8000P Riken Anesthetic Analyzer

Easy to use • Accurate • Durable • Portable

Riken Gas Indicator FI-8000P