Riken FI-8000P Gas Indicator

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Customer Testimonial:  Sherrie N.- Veterinary Technician-

“The Riken FI-8000P is convenient to use and accurate. Results are direct. No mathematical calculations are required for interpretation. A. M. Bickford provided me with the training, materials and technical support I needed to set up, operate and maintain this analyzer. Their responses to my questions were fast, delivered with patience and clarity, and individually personalized to my specific circumstances.

Several months after the purchase, Tim called me, “Just to check in and make sure everything with the Riken FI-8000P was going well.”

“Purchasing this analyzer was a good choice. Purchasing it from A. M. Bickford made it a great choice.”


FI-8000P Riken Gas Indicator provides an all in one solution for measuring anesthetic gas concentration.  Using highly accurate and durable Optical Interfermoetric Sensor technology, the FI-8000P is the trusted tool of choice for clinical engineering professionals.     

**Non-Returnable Item**


  • Updated Firmware
  • Optical Interferometric Sensor
  • Large Back-Lite LCD Screen
  • Self Checking Readout on Display
  • Protective Outer Shell
  • Manual and Automatic Data Logging
  • Automatic Compensation for Barometric Pressure
  • Automatic Compensation for Temperature
  • Built In Sample Pump
  • 2 Carrier Gases (02 & Air)
  • Measures 4 Anesthetic Gases (Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Desflurane, Halothane)
  • Direct Digital Readout
  • No Conversation Factors
  • Included with purchase:

Riken Calibration

A.M. Bickford, Inc. is the authorized service provided for Riken Gas Indicators for anesthetic concentration testing.

We provide calibration services for the 1802D, 1806H, FI-21 and the FI-8000P.  Please complete this form to receive a quote for calibration services.


Military & Government Customers

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