Black Latex Breathing Bag


Veterinary anesthesia breathing bags are a critical component to your anesthesia machine. Breathing bags provide a visual monitor of the patient’s breathing, protects the patient from excessive pressure and hold a collection of respiratory gases used during patient’s spontaneous breathing.

A.M. Bickford’s reusable latex breathing bags are reliable, convenient and most importantly designed for you and your patients safety. Available in 0.5 Liter – 5 Liter size and equipped with a standard 7/8” bushing neck.

0.5 Liter Sku # 18900
1 Liter Sku # 18701
2 Liter Sku # 18702
3 Liter Sku # 18703
4 Liter Sku # 18704
5 Liter Sku # 18705